My Process

Each wedding is unique but here is my
normal process

Planning and Preparation

Face to face meeting

I like to meet with the couple twice before a wedding. The first is the initial meeting before you book with me where we get to know each other and set expectations. This is usually done in person, but as many of the couples I work with are not local, I also use video chat/phone calls. The second is a few weeks before the date of the wedding so that we can touch base and brush off any wedding day worries!


Nothing pains me like telling people that I cannot cover their wedding day. This happens dozens of times each year when people request dates I’m already booked. My only advice is to book as soon as you’ve made your decision, especially for a popular date. I take a 25% deposit to sign a contract, which ensures you have me for your wedding day.


I learned years ago how very important a detailed wedding day schedule is. Weddings rarely go perfectly to schedule, however, it’s crucial do have a one to get back on track. I build a unique schedule for every wedding that I cover, based on events throughout the day.


I have been doing this for 10 years and if you’re looking for recommendations from locations to a DJ, I’ve got a couple.

Day of the Event


If I have not yet shot at your venue, you will likely find me there 15-30 minutes early to survey the area for my shots. If I have shot at the venue before, I will be there with plenty of time to set up and start shooting.

Second Shooter

Most packages include a second photographer to add another eye to the day. They have a crucial role throughout the day, and the results are exponentially better with them. While I cover the formals and the important moments, my assistant will make sure all other details and candids are covered.

Formal Portraits

Formals (family, bridal party, and the two of you) can take anywhere between 45 minutes to 1 hour all together. Depending on the size of the family/wedding party, we make sure we get as many photos in a timely manner without making people feel over photographed. For the bride and groom, we spend more time photographing you to assure we have a good variety of locations and poses.


While I’m a firm believer of, “it’s not the tool, it’s how you use it”, photography tech has made amazing advances in the last couple decades, specifically the last 10 years. I shoot with all the latest Canon, Elinchrom, & Manfrotto equipment, as it would be a mistake to trust outdated or budget gear on the most important day of your life!


Samples for Social Media

Within a few days after your wedding day, I will send over a small number of edited samples for you. They will be somewhat random photos from the day that are each unique and beautiful. You can use these to send to friends and family, post on social media, or use for “thank you” cards.

Timeless Imagery

Theres’s no question we live in a time of “fads”. There are many styles out there that seem appealing, and after 10 years of shooting weddings, I’ve seen many come and go. I focus on editing the images in a creative way, that will look beautiful for decades to come.


Factor 1-3 minutes per photo, and then multiply that by 500-700 photos. Editing photos in house is one of the most time consuming, yet necessary aspect of my photography. In my opinion, unless you edit each photograph beyond just exposure, you’re not delivering a finished product. This process can take up to a month during the wedding season but is guaranteed to take less than 45 days in the contract.


Sharable Online Gallery

Every wedding package comes with an online shareable gallery so your friends and family can relive all of that special day. This is through a paid service called Pixieset, who make beautiful galleries that are easy to view.

High Quality for Print

On top of the online gallery, I deliver High-Resolution images that can be brought to any printer for photo or even an album. I also have a few recommendations for high-quality print services.


As a courtesy to all my deeply valued clients, I keep a backup of the delivered photos for a year at minimum.

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